Yamagata University Open Innovation Platform


About the Open Innovation Platform

Introduction of us

A base offering one-stop open innovation solutions

The Yamagata University Open Innovation Platform centrally manages joint research financed by private funds in competitive domains. The Platform manages four campuses under one management structure across the university and in collaboration with: the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Platform (for non-competitive domains), the Center for Management of Intellectual Property, the Academic Assembly, and the Yamagata University Frontier Research Center of Excellence (YU-COE), proceeding with promotional operations in an organized manner.

Through collaboration among the administration departments in charge of budgeting, finance, human affairs, legal affairs, and intellectual properties, etc., and with the project department in charge of research, we: create and manage joint research in an organized manner, build an “open innovation ecosystem via academia-industry collaboration focusing on contributions to business,” and promote the creation of innovation and the enhancement of educational and research activities.

  • With the Open Innovation Platform as the contact, we can build a research and development structure to respond to corporate needs.
  • We strive to strengthen management through large-scale centralized control.
  • By establishing a cross-departmental Platform, we can address academia-industry collaboration through concerted efforts across the university.
  • We make efforts to invite human resources outside the university, develop human resources within the university, and enhance research environments, aiming at sustainable development.

1.Industry-academia collaboration focusing on business contribution, with keywords of “stability and development, creation and management.”

  • By improving levels of research in a stable research environment, levels of research are continually developed.
  • We share targets and challenges with companies and tackle the creation of innovation.
  • We promote joint research management with a commitment to results, from the build-up of a joint research structure to research progress management.
Inter-organizational relationships Large-scale joint research in joint development domains
Concrete ideas for planning and proposal functions at the corporate level

2.Promotion Platform well-versed in academia-industry collaboration

Management system centering on general creative managers

We proceed with projects with a management structure centering on creative managers (CMs), well-versed in fields such as academics, technologies, markets, business, and research management. We address inviting external human resources, in-house human resource development, and improved research environments, all the while aiming for sustainable development.

Management system of the general creative manager

Strengthening priority fields

  • Organic electronics
  • Inkjet
  • 3D printers
  • Printing electronics

Creating new fields

  • Medicine-engineering collaboration
  • Soft robotics
  • 3D interfaces

3.Team Yamagata

  • Formation of Team Yamagata: Handling inter-Platform relationships
  • Yamagata University tackles academia-industry collaboration in the form of concerted efforts through Platform across the university.
  • All teachers are organized in the Academic Assembly without barriers of departments and faculties being involved, thereby enabling flexible relocations of teachers in response to restructuring.
  • The Open Innovation Platform serves as the point of contact toward building a research & development structure that responds to corporate needs.
Radically and seriously strengthen management in an organized manner across the university.

オープンイノベーション機構 This activity is being implemented with the support of the “Program on Open Innovation organization with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia in 2018” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Yamagata University Open Innovation Platform Leaflet (PDF1.5M)