Yamagata University Open Innovation Platform



Introduction of our technology seeds

Introduction of technologies that lead to joint research

We introduce the seeds of Yamagata University, which is looking for joint research partners.
The Open Innovation Platform is a comprehensive contact point for the creation of systematic joint research in response to the needs of companies. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about research or joint research.

  • YOSHIDA Laboratory

    Assistant Professor Kazunari YOSHIDA

    Development of polymer gels for the application to industrial products

    We study soft materials such as polymer gels and phospholipid bilayers. By utilizing these soft materials, we are able to mimic living organisms, leading to research on materials with functions that exceed those of living organisms.
  • GONOME Laboratory

    Associate Professor Hiroki GONOME

    Optical and thermal control by scattering media of nano-micro particles

    We contribute to the development of disaster prevention equipment and eco-friendly products by applying our technology to control the wavelength of radiation emitted by particles.
  • YANO Laboratory

    Associate Professor Shigekazu YANO

    Appropriate evaluation techniques for functional materials by viruses, bacteria and microorganisms

    Precise technology and knowledge-based methods enable quantitative comparative evaluation of functional materials by viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.
  • FUJIWARA Laboratory

    Assistant Professor Kakeru FUJIWARA

    Innovator in Catalyst Production ~Flame Spray Pyrolysis Method~

    We are developing novel catalysts and functional materials by Flame Spray Pyrolysis method.

  • SUGIMOTO Laboratory

    Prof. Masataka SUGIMOTO

    Unraveling the mysteries of Film Processing! ~Super Multi-Layer Functional Polymer Film Processing Technology~

    In the field of functional films, which are used in a wide variety of applications, we are researching polymer processing methods for further super multi-layered films.
  • MAKUTA Laboratory

    Prof. Toshinori MAKUTA

    Save the world with tiny bubbles! ~Generation of microbubbles by ultrasonic horn~

    We aim to apply microbubbles to various fields such as food, nursing care and medical care by using our original ultrasonic generation method.
  • SUZURI Laboratory (OLED Gr.)

    Yoshiyuki SUZURI

    -Flexible OLED, Barrier technology-

    We have achieved the world’s first high barrier structure (wet-TFE) by wet process on OLEDs. Also we are fabricating flexible OLED panels for PoC.

    Creation of innovative soft 3D interfaces through material and process innovation and their application to the soft manufacturing revolution

    Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia(JST OPERA)