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About joint research

This involves research that accepts researchers (joint researchers), research funds, etc., to be received by the university and conducted by university teachers working alongside joint researchers in a joint or shared manner under a common theme. Any necessary expenses for joint research will be borne by the company and the university that conduct the joint research, depending on the characteristics involved.

  Expenses borne by the company, etc. Expenses borne by the university
Category Research fee Research expenses Research expenses
Dispatching a joint researcher(s) and covering research expenses
Covering research expenses only
Dispatching a joint researcher(s) only
  • Research fee borne by the company: 432,000 yen/joint researcher per year (however, 216,000 yen for research within six months)
  • Research expenses borne by the company: Equipment, consumables, travel expenses, remunerations, and other expenses required for joint research
  • Research expenses borne by the university: Management and maintenance costs of facilities and equipment belonging to the university required for joint research, charges for lighting, fuel, water, etc., and other expenses

(1) Application method

To apply for joint research, a prescribed application form will be used by the company and another applicant and submitted to the dean, etc. As a certain period of time will be required for the agreement procedure, etc., before starting research, please apply with a sufficient time margin.

Application method

(2) Multiple-year contract

Joint research lasting multiple years is possible. To set up a research period over multiple years, the individual expenses to be borne by which party will be negotiated at the time of application.

(3) Handling of patents, etc.

Based on the extent of contribution to the created invention and in respecting the partnership between university teachers and the relevant company, whether a patent belongs to university or teacher will be individually judged. The sharing of rights, bearing of expenses regarding application, etc., will be determined via negotiations on a case-by-case basis.

(4) Tax privileges

With an application to the tax credit system for special experiment and research expenses, it is possible to use corporate tax exemption within an upper limit of a certain ratio of experiment and research expenses borne by the company for joint research. Please contact your local tax office.