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Open innovation strategy

Open innovation strategy

To promote large-scale academia-industry collaboration focusing on competitive domains, which are heavily associated with corporate business strategies, we share targets and challenges with corporate entities. Under the slogan of “Creation and management of joint research in an organized manner,” we promote joint research management with a commitment to results, from the build-up of a joint research structure to research progress management.

As the point of contact for this promotion, the Open Innovation Platform was established and built with an academia-industry collaboration promotion structure by creative managers (CMs) well versed in fields of academia, technologies, markets, business, and research management.

With the Open Innovation Platform as the point of contact, we built a research structure that responds to corporate needs, tackling the creation of innovation through academia-industry collaboration in the form of unified efforts, as Team Yamagata University.

In addition, through improvements based on a medium- and long-term perspective, and under a stable and steady research environment, we enrich educational and research activities, while continually heightening the levels of research.

Note: This activity is under the auspices of the FY2018 MEXT Construction Program of the Open Innovation Platform.

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