Yamagata University Open Innovation Platform



1.Industry-academia collaboration focusing on business contribution, with keywords of “stability and development, creation and management.”

  • By improving levels of research in a stable research environment, levels of research are continually developed.
  • We share targets and challenges with companies and tackle the creation of innovation.
  • We promote joint research management with a commitment to results, from the build-up of a joint research structure to research progress management.
Inter-organizational relationships Large-scale joint research in joint development domains
Concrete ideas for planning and proposal functions at the corporate level

2.Promotion Platform well-versed in academia-industry collaboration

Management system centering on general creative managers

We proceed with projects with a management structure centering on creative managers (CMs), well-versed in fields such as academics, technologies, markets, business, and research management. We address inviting external human resources, in-house human resource development, and improved research environments, all the while aiming for sustainable development.

Management system of the general creative manager

Strengthening priority fields

  • Organic electronics
  • Inkjet
  • 3D printers
  • Printing electronics

Creating new fields

  • Medicine-engineering collaboration
  • Soft robotics
  • 3D interfaces

3.Team Yamagata

  • Formation of Team Yamagata: Handling inter-Platform relationships
  • Yamagata University tackles academia-industry collaboration in the form of concerted efforts through Platform across the university.
  • All teachers are organized in the Academic Assembly without barriers of departments and faculties being involved, thereby enabling flexible relocations of teachers in response to restructuring.
  • The Open Innovation Platform serves as the point of contact toward building a research & development structure that responds to corporate needs.
Radically and seriously strengthen management in an organized manner across the university.